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Sangkar (2019)

Adam is a celebrated MMA athlete, who must fight a nemesis that he cannot beat – Johan. In this fight, Adam fights dirty and manages to win. Rather than being a gentleman when Johan comes to congratulate him, Adams picks another fight outside of the cage and causes Johan to become invalid. This is a turning point for Adam but life is not as easy as just saying you are sorry. When he finds out from Reza that Johan has taken a turn for the worse and is now critical, Adam decides it is time for him to fight his ultimate competitor, a British fighter. Will he succeed in this fight? Adam will finally realize that the bigger obstacle is not just seeking forgiveness from God and Johan but to actually finally forgive himself.

Genre: Uncategorized


Actors: , , ,


Duration: 112 min

Quality: Ppvrip


IMDb: 7.6

Keywords:, , , , , , , ,


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at 11:33 pm

This video file cannot be played
wadoii website lanun luar negara lagi okay dari ini cuma dia jarang update cite malay kita 😭
knp website ni penuh gila iklan sekali keluar 3 page
dasyat sungguh πŸ€‘πŸ˜‚ klau 1 je bly lagi terima tp bab download byk wa susah hati woo
sana sini kata download here LOOOL


    at 1:06 pm

    Iklan tu semua bukan dari website kami saja. Video yg kami embed untuk stream tu pun provider dorg bubuh iklan.

King Azri

at 9:12 am

bnyk link tak blh pakai aa admin,satu ja blh,tu pun speed limit,up to box kalau blh pakai bagus laa min, plz?


at 4:37 am

Tak boleh download hmm

Sayangi Malaysiaku

at 12:00 am

hati – hati min… dah masuk berita ada leak piracy dkt sosmed

Muhammad akid bin izuan

at 12:46 am

Kenapa lagging
Tak best aa


at 4:32 pm

knp takleh download ni emmm


at 4:45 pm

Knapa xleh dw ni website can’t be reach


at 9:26 pm

Site can’t be reach


at 7:32 pm

Terigin nak tegok sangkar

Ahmad Harith Ikhwan bin Abdul Halim

at 12:43 pm

So interesting